Pine Pellets Litter shitty kitty

Universal Pine Pellets Litter SHITTY KITTY made from selected sawdust pine trees that have passed repeated cleaning and compressed into pellets with a diameter of 6 mm.

Double cleaning excludes the presence of dust in the composition and provides non-tracking effect which is an important distinguishing characteristic of SHITTY KITTY product.

In the production process used processing waste wood core without crust. As a result of Pet Formula company research, an optimal drying technology and the speed of pressing of the pellets was developed. This technology allowed to produce the granules of Premium Class with absorption coefficient of more than 400%.

Pine pellets SHITTY KITTY designed for cats, rodents, fur-bearing animals, birds, reptiles, animals with domestic or captive keepping - so the filler is universal.

Pine pellets SHITTY KITTY perfectly absorb and retain moiture and smell, so there will be no unpleasant odor in the house in which your favorite pets live.

Pleasant light pine fragrance attracts animals and pleasant to owners.

The product has natural antiseptic properties, which prevent bacterial growth.

The composition does not cause allergic reactions, even in case of accidental contact with the pet's stomach.

Easy-to-owner package