In contact with cat urine SHITTY KITTY bentonite swells, absorbing it into itself and forms a dense clump, holding like a magnet toxins, bacteria, parasites.

Pure bentonite has a high density, so it’s heavy enough.

For this reason, in order to increase the volume of the filler, many manufacturers use other impurities that lighter the clay. However, by diluting pure bentonite and other clay minerals it’s "blurred" the clumping properties of the bentonite, which lowers its absorbent properties.

After a thorough investigation of the properties of bentonite Pet Formula company designed and built hygienic cat litter SHITTY KITTY, having the following characteristics:

100% natural bentonite, without any additives and flavors, making the cat litter to the touch and smell as much as possible close to cats notion about what should be their "natural toilet"

200% of moisture absorption

Effectively keeps odors inside the clump

Optimal for all breeds and ages of cats grain size: 3-5mm, which ensures maximum absorption of liquids and odor and does not stick to the paws and coat that allows you to keep the house clean

Easy-to-owner package